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As you can imagine, the fact that Quam Plures is a fork of b2evolution means that the majority of the early users and developers are ex-b2evolution users. One of the promises that was made to them when we started this fork is that they'd be able to import their blog as long as they hadn't upgraded to version 4.x.x. This plugin fulfills that promise.

Importing your b2evolution blog is really simple.

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Turing Test

This is what the Turing Test plugin has to say about itself:

Stop spam-bots with one simple question, configurable, applies to comments and registration and message forms.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)


This is what the Twitter plugin has to say about itself:

User ID#1 must first register your installation as an application. After that each user will be able to trust the application on their profile page or the write page. When a post is made it will tweet in your name whatever you set up for the message parameter. The default is $twitcerpt$, which will create an excerpt and link that total 140 characters.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

    • download lpv-7607 (uses title for tweet message if excerpt is empty)


This is what the Videos plugin has to say about itself:

Many different sources of videos, you paste in the embed code (and frequently many other source-supplied ways to share a video), and it puts it on your web scaled to your template.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

    • download lpv-7601 (sees iframe as a valid youtube input)

Who's Online

This is what the Who's Online Widget plugin has to say about itself:

All logged in users and guest users who have requested a page in the last 5 minutes are listed.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

    • download lpv-7623 (get_widget_param_definitions() changed to GetDefaultWidgetSettings())

Wiki Links

This is what the Wiki Links plugin has to say about itself:

WikiWord links are created with a CamelCased WikiWord, a ((link)), or a [[link ]].<br />CamelCased words will be exploded to camel_case which should then match a post url title.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)