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As you can imagine, the fact that Quam Plures is a fork of b2evolution means that the majority of the early users and developers are ex-b2evolution users. One of the promises that was made to them when we started this fork is that they'd be able to import their blog as long as they hadn't upgraded to version 4.x.x. This plugin fulfills that promise.

Importing your b2evolution blog is really simple.

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Comment Gravatars

This is what the Comment Gravatars plugin has to say about itself:

This plugin displays a commentator's gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) if they've registered for a free account with gravatar.com. If not, it displays one of three uniquely generated avatars (identicons, wavatars or monsterids -- your choice). Designed for a no muss, no fuss way to add avatars to the comments of your blog without having to bother with uploading files or doing any template coding. Works for registered users of your blog as well as visitors.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

    • download lpv-7623 (get_coll_setting_definitions() changed to GetDefaultBlogSettings())

Comment Tags

This is what the Comment Tags plugin has to say about itself:

This plugin will display a toolbar with buttons to quickly insert safely allowable HTML tags around selected text in a comment.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

Generic Pinger

This is what the Generic Pinger plugin has to say about itself:

Use this plugin to add a generic ping service to your installation by supplying a name and note about the service.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

GM Code

This is what the GM Code plugin has to say about itself:

This plugin allows for GreyMatter style formatting such as **bold** or \italics\ or //italics// or __underline__ or ##tt## or %%codeblock%% in your blog post.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)


This is what the Ping-O-Matic plugin has to say about itself:

Pings the Ping-O-Matic service, which relays your ping to the most common services.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)