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As you can imagine, the fact that Quam Plures is a fork of b2evolution means that the majority of the early users and developers are ex-b2evolution users. One of the promises that was made to them when we started this fork is that they'd be able to import their blog as long as they hadn't upgraded to version 4.x.x. This plugin fulfills that promise.

Importing your b2evolution blog is really simple.

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Basic Antispam

This is what the Basic Antispam plugin has to say about itself:

This plugin provides basic methods to detect & block spam on referers, comments & trackbacks.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

    • download lpv-7587 (plugin v0.2, added IsValidFilteredEmail() to check email address)
    • download lpv-7593 (added Net_DNS class from PEAR if checkdnsrr() is not available)
    • download lpv-7611 (removed AfterInstall() check due to it had no value)

BB Code

This is what the BB Code plugin has to say about itself:

Available tags are: [b] [i] [u] [s] [color=...] [size=...] [font=...] [code] [quote] [list=1] [list=a] [list] [*]

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

Calendar Widget

This is what the Calendar Widget plugin has to say about itself:

Creates a widget that displays a navigable calendar, with days with posts highlighted for quick access.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

    • download lpv-7623 (get_widget_param_definitions() changed to GetDefaultWidgetSettings())

Captcha Images

This is what the Captcha Images plugin has to say about itself:

Use generated images to tell humans and robots apart.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)

    • download lpv-7623 (get_coll_setting_definitions() changed to GetDefaultBlogSettings())

Code Highlight

This is what the Code Highlight plugin has to say about itself:

Display computer code easily. This plugin renders character entities on the fly, so you can copy/paste normal code directly into your posts and it will always look like normal code, even when editing the post (i.e., no preprocessing of the code is required). Include line numbers (customizable starting number). The best part about the line numbers - visitors can cut-and-paste the code from your post, leaving the line numbers behind! Accepts BBcode tags and does not render smilies. Colouration of PHP code, plus PHP manual links for PHP functions. Easy to install and easy to use. No hacks. Degrades nicely, if the plugin is off. Styling completely customizable via your templates CSS file.

  • download v0.0.0 (officlal product release)