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b2evolution 3.3.3 converter

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As you can imagine, the fact that Quam Plures is a fork of b2evolution means that the majority of the early users and developers are ex-b2evolution users. One of the promises that was made to them when we started this fork is that they'd be able to import their blog as long as they hadn't upgraded to version 4.x.x. This plugin fulfills that promise.

Importing your b2evolution blog is really simple.

Follow up:

  1. Create a fresh install of Quam Plures
  2. Upload and install the importer plugin
  3. Drop your b2evoltion /conf/_basic_config.php into your /qp_config/ directory
  4. Meander over to your tools tab and chose the importer sub tab
  5. Hit go

What happens next?

The main thing to remember is that the importer doesn't change any of your current b2evolution database, it reads the information, converts it and puts it into your Quam Plures database. This means that if you prefer to stay on b2evolution you can, obviously you'll lose any changes you made in Quam Plures as these won't have been changed in your original database.

When you import your information it will overwrite pretty much every single part of your shiny new Quam Plures install with your old content and settings including all blogs, posts, categories and users except your Quam Plures admin user. your admin users blogs, posts, comments etc will be imported, they'll just belong to your new Quam Plures user, all of your other evo users will be imported completely.

If you need any more information or help with importing your b2evolution blog then join our support forums, we're here to help.