Happy New Year

Ground Zero is released!

What better way to start the New Year off than with the long awaited release of Quam Plures. Yes, the first public release of Quam Plures is now available for download. As an added bonus we are even including Evo 3.3.3 Importer to make the transition from b2evolution an easy task. We lovingly call this first release of Quam Plures Ground Zero and decided that the first public release should be version zero. Quam Plures has it roots in b2evolution and this release was more about ripping out the bits of the b2evolution core that we felt were bloat, spyware, or spam, and getting to a point where we felt we had a solid base to build upon in the future; a ground zero. You can see all of the people involved in this release by clicking the "Dracones" link in our footer.

b2evolution users

As you can imagine, pretty much all of the Quam Plures developers are ex-b2evolution users. One of the promises we made when we first started working on forking b2evolution was that we would make it possible to import a b2evolution 3.3.3 blog into Quam Plures. To fulfil that promise we have coded a b2evolution importer which will allow you to import all of your content into Quam Plures. The importer does not make any changes to your b2evolution tables or files; therefore, you can safely try out Quam Plures to see if you like what we have done with it.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Now that we have achieved Ground Zero we can concentrate on building Quam Plures into the blog and web publishing platform that our users want. Although we will mainly be concentrating on fixing bugs and "user interface" failures ( fancy way of saying "the screens that you use to use your site" ) at first, we are still devoted to making overall improvements to Quam Plures . We want to make Quam Plures the ultimate experience when it comes to blogging and publishing content on the web. If you want to have a say in what that experience holds then join our forums and tell us, otherwise we'll never know ;)