As many as possible

Welcome to Quam Plures

The multi-blog app made by users that care

Unlike most blog applications Quam Plures is entirely based on the needs of our users. We don't have coders that demand "their way or the highway!" ... except maybe EdB :p ... but even EdB takes all of the users feedback into consideration before he writes a single line of code.


I hear you ask. The easy answer is, without users we wouldn't have a blog app in the first place, we'd just have a collection of programmers that wrote stuff to suit a minority need ... ours ... and that's never a winner.

We truly believe that an application must be guided/dictated by it's users, after all they're the ones who use it most and if they're frustrated then the application will fail. No exceptions, it will fail and we don't intend to fail.

So who "owns" Quam Plures

You do, seriously, there is no "boss", the domain(s) have been provided by a user ( Topanga @link TenderFeelings ), the hosting has been provided by a user ( Yabs, that's me, I won't post a link, we're all against spam ), and lots of other users have given their free time to provide the code/graphics/feedback/input ( click the "dracones" link in the footer of this page to see who they are ), to make all this happen.


Because we care. It really is that simple.

So, if you fancy trying a blog app that works for you rather than against you, hit the gaudy lil' download link at the top right of this post, and then go join the forums and have your say in the future direction of Quam Plures. We look forward to implementing your opinions ;)